Plantation PreparationThere are a range of websites and organisations with useful information and general advice for plantation growers. For further information specifically related to your situation, contact Alex Lindsay by clicking here.

  • Timber Queensland. Timber Queensland is the peak body for commercial forest growers and processors in Queensland. Their website contains a great deal of information about the timber industry, and resources for forest growers.
  • Queensland Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry page on Plantation Forestry. This gives an overview of the regulatory framework around plantation forestry in Queensland, and contains useful introductory information. Note that some of the advice on plantation establishment may not be appropriate for your site, and that there are many tree species with forestry potential that are not listed.
  • Australian Forest Growers. AFG is a national organisation representing the interests of private forestry and commercial treegrowers. There are several AFG branches throughout Queensland, but many are not active; an exception is the Northern and Western Qld Branch, based in Townsville.
  • Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands. TREAT is a community based tree-planting organisation that has helped hundreds of landholders to revegetate parts of their land for wildlife conservation. TREAT’s website includes a Resources page that has a range of useful articles related to species selection and establishment.